Before sending email newsletters through Lead Pilot, a few steps must be completed.

The entire process is covered in this video, and you can also follow the instructions below it to continue with the final step of adding your email address:

Add Email Address

Once you've authenticated your domain and DNS, you can choose the name and email address that your messages from Lead Pilot will appear to be sent from. 

1. Scroll below the "DNS Records" box or go to the email settings page and scroll     down to the "Email Address" form.

2. Enter the "Display Name" and "Email Address" that messages will appear to be sent from along with a "BCC Address" if you'd like to have newsletters sent to it for archiving purposes:

3. Do not use a comma in the "Display Name" field. Other symbols such as ⎜and ® are fine.

The "Display Name" should be something familiar to customers, like your company name. The "Email Address" must match the domain that was authenticated.

Now you're ready to
import contacts into Lead Pilot and send your first email!

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