If you use Redtail or Wealthbox, please start by reading our articles on integrating with those CRMs:

Integrating with Redtail

Integrating with Wealthbox

Otherwise, please follow the instructions below:

1. You'll first need to have a .csv file containing the contact information you want to import into Lead Pilot. Most email clients and CRMS can export in this format.

2. Once you've exported and saved your .csv file, make sure that all the columns match those in our sample .csv . Blank fields beneath the column names are fine, but all the column names are needed for a successful import.

TIP: If you would like to import subscribed contacts, add in "yes" in the subscribe column, otherwise, your contacts will import unsubscribed and you will not be allowed to email using Lead Pilot.

Subscribed column showing

3. Next, you can import the list of contacts into Lead Pilot by clicking "Contacts" at the top of your screen:

4. On the new page that opens, click "Import" in the top right corner:

5. This will open up a window where you can select the .csv file you wish to upload.

6. Select the file, click "Open," and the contacts will be added to Lead Pilot.

TIP: Your .csv must include the fields found within the sample.cvs or your contacts will not import into Lead Pilot.

Want to edit or categorize your imported contacts? Read on for more!

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