If you use Redtail or Wealthbox, please start by reading our articles on integrating with those CRMs:

Integrating with Redtail

Integrating with Wealthbox

Otherwise, please start by watching this video or by following the instructions below:

1. You'll first need to have a .csv file containing the contact information you want to import into Lead Pilot. 

Most email providers and CRMs allow you to export your contacts as a .csv file.        
Outlook and Redtail have specific directions you can follow.

2. Once you've exported and saved your .csv file, you can import the list of contacts into Lead Pilot by clicking "Contacts" at the top of your screen:

3. On the new page that opens, hover over the ? symbol and download our sample .csv file:

4. Make sure that your exported .csv file has the same column names as those in our sample. Include all of the column names from the sample in your .csv:

5. Return to Lead Pilot and click "Import" in the top right corner:

6. This will open up a window where you can select the .csv file you wish to upload.

7. Select the file, click "Open," and the contacts will be added to Lead Pilot.

Having issues importing contacts after following these steps? Reach out to us by clicking the "Messenger" icon at the bottom right of your screen! 

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