Lead Pilot users can "gate" content by requiring landing page visitors to provide their contact information in order to download a file hosted online or visit an external URL (such as a link to your Calendly or a webinar registration page).

To do this, please start by watching this video or by following the steps below:

1. Click this link to go to "Template Design" or scroll to the top right of your screen and hover over your name and user icon.

2. Scroll down and click "Template Design" from the drop-down menu:

3. Click "Subscribe Form" in the "Content" tools menu to the left:

4. Customize the "Subscribe Details" and "Subscribe Success Message" fields:

5. Toggle "Subscribe Success Button" on:

6. Fill out the fields below to customize what your success button will say, as well as link to your downloadable file or external URL (e.g. Calendly, Zoom webinar):

7. Test your changes by filling out the form as if you were a landing page visitor:

8. Filling out the form lets you preview the "Subscribe Success Message." Click the button you've linked a URL to in order to ensure that it works:

9. If you'd like to continue tweaking and testing your form, click "Save" beneath the tools menu and refresh the page to preview and fill out the subscribe form again.

10. Once satisfied with your changes, click "Save" a final time.  

If you'd rather require visitors provide their information, consider gating your content with a "Content Block" as shown in this help article.

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