Your All-In-One Content Solution: Options to Fit Your Needs

There’s no doubt that content is the backbone of almost every successful marketing strategy. In fact, according to Forbes, businesses who prioritize blogging experience a 13X increase in ROI. Which is why we’re pleased to offer advisors expanded content offerings. Currently, we offer two options for content generation: Content Assist and Lead Pilot. 

What is Content Assist? 

Built into Twenty Over Ten’s proprietary website-builder, Content Assist users are able to choose blog posts by category (retirement, home-buying, young adults, etc.), load them into their website, and then edit and further optimize the content for search engines. Once adding the post, advisors then have the ability to customize and edit the content in their unique voice, add in SEO keywords, and further promote their expertise.

Accounts created on or after April 8, 2019 will have Content Assist automatically included with their subscription fee (unless otherwise noted). Accounts created before this date still have the option to unlock Content Assist as described below.

What’s Included With Content Assist?

  • 10 editorial-style personal finance articles added monthly

  • 5 editorial-style lifestyle articles added monthly

  • Full-size featured stock image and social media image selected to match the topic

  • Optimized meta descriptions for each article

  • Every blog post is optimized for the reader and current SEO standards

  • Topic category filtering 

  • Suggestion box to submit topic ideas to our editorial team 

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What is Lead Pilot?

Lead Pilot is the industry’s first-ever AI-powered turnkey solution for content creation and distribution for financial advisors. A Twenty Over Ten product, Lead Pilot enables advisors to create content or tailor content from a robust library, schedule and post directly to major social media channels, create email campaigns and launch brand-centric landing pages all of which are automatically archived to meet industry compliance standards. 

Coupled with Lead Pilot’s proprietary LEAD score, advisors can easily visualize not just the quantity but the quality of leads they’ve received via their digital marketing efforts. Lead Pilot’s algorithms enable advisors to track the engagement level for every lead and generates a score between 1-100 in real-time. Armed with this level of reporting advisors can easily capture, nurture and convert qualified leads to continuously grow their business.

What’s Included With Lead Pilot? 

Lead Pilot's library includes editorial-style content for advisors to use to generate leads, share on social media, and market to their contacts using email. The advisor can create custom pieces to share at once or schedule for a later time. The following section details what Lead Pilot grants advisors access to using their Lead Pilot account.

Editorial Content

  • 15 editorial-style personal finance and lifestyle articles added monthly

  • “Week In Perspective” market summaries

  • 2 videos added monthly

  • 2 infographics added monthly

  • Social titles - Customized social media tiles included on 5+ articles each month to help increase engagement

  • Full-size featured stock image and social media image selected to match the topic

  • All editorial content is optimized for the reader and current SEO standards

  • Content filtering options by topic and personal

  • Animated personal finance video added monthly

Lead Generation

  • Robust contact profiles including work history, geographic location and more

  • Brand-centric, high converting landing pages

  • Dynamic lead capture forms to increase landing page engagement and conversions

  • Automatic archiving satisfies all regulatory requirements for every landing page launched via Lead Pilot

  • Integration with leading CRM providers including Wealthbox and Redtail

  • AI-powered real-time updates, so you can act quickly to reach out and close deals when a contact's engagement is at its peak

Email Marketing

  • Create, personalize and schedule professionally designed marketing emails

  • Tailor subject lines, sender names and preview text for optimal engagement

  • Send immediately or schedule emails at the optimal time

  • Cater to your contacts’ interests and their unique life stage with segmentation

  • Automatic archiving satisfies all regulatory requirements for every email sent from Lead Pilot

Social Media

  • Hand-select content from the Lead Pilot library or create your own to share across all major social media networks including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

  • Schedule your content down to the minute or post immediately

  • Automatic archiving satisfies all regulatory requirements for every social media post sent via Lead Pilot

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