For users who'd like to send emails to contacts without having to create a landing page to host their content, crafting and sharing a plain text email is a good solution. Not only is this an alternative to creating landing pages, it is a great way to send newsletters to your contacts!

To draft a plain text email, please follow the instructions below:

1. From the "Content" page, click the "Compose" button:

2. Select "Custom Message":

3. Click "Email Messaging," select recipients, and then draft your email:

Basics of Plain Text Emails

With Lead Pilot's content editor, you can add text, hyperlinks, and images to your plain text emails provided that those images are hosted online:

We recommend using "Fullscreen" to view and edit your email within a larger window:

Adding a Header or Other Images

1. Click the "Table" icon to insert a single 1x1 table to house your header or image:

2. Click the "Image" icon and paste in the link to your image:

3. Click the image itself to open up a sub-menu and re-size your picture:

Adding Text & Links

1. Click the "Table" icon to create a table to hold your text inside of:

2. Write your text within the table. Click the "Link" icon (it looks like a paperclip) to insert a link or turn highlighted text into a clickable link:

Plain Text Email Recommendations

1. Add a footer to your emails by inserting a table at the bottom of your message and typing or pasting in your disclosure. These will not appear automatically in custom messages.

2. Include Lead Pilot landing pages by copying your landing page URLs from the "Archives" or by selecting the "Manual Share" option to create a page and link:

3. Exit "Fullscreen" to save your email. This will ensure a copy stays in your "Drafts" folder you can refer to before and after sending:

Need help creating or formatting your plain text email? Reach out to us by clicking the "Messenger" icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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